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Ever since I read Malcolm X's Final Speeches at my neighborhood library as a teen, I've been fascinated by race, racism, and identity. My consulting work embraces the resiliency of Black, Latino, Asian American, immigrant and working class communities. I'm proud of my roots in the Houston housing projects and grateful for the journeys I've traveled since-- as a Stanford grad, community organizer, ESL teacher and now coach and consultant.  

For the last 20 years my work has focused on building the capacity of organizations and the leaders that shape them. As a young organizer I was blessed to be trained in the discipline of movement building work, but found my spirit depleted when the culture of the organization mirrored the unhealthy societal dynamics we were challenging.

My work focuses on holistically building the leadership and capacity of women, people of color, immigrants, social justice healers, nonprofit managers and anyone trying to transform themselves and our society for the better. I have worked with immigrant rights organizations, worker centers, housing advocates, philanthropic foundations and others.



Sometimes we need support to articulate our dreams, to have someone believe we are more than the limitations we've been taught. I work with women, people of color and working class people to challenge those inner voices that worry about failing, have you beat yourself up over simple mistakes, have you take on too much responsibility and make you think that you need to work yourself to the bone to succeed. 

We can acknowledge and honor those fears while giving our diva voices, our warrior voices, our curandera voices a turn at the wheel.

Natural Herbs


Even the most passionate teams run into communication challenges. I teach you and your team coaching skills to get through the sticky moments, to create clear agreements and to establish accountability to each other. A coach-approach to conversations, team building, project management, supervision, and setting organizational priorities can transform your work and maximize your effectiveness.

Wheat Field


Yes, heavy words, heavy topics. Lately folks have faced painful, confusing and messy conversations around race, white supremacy and gender.

After years of study and practice in building teams and organizational cultures that embrace, respect and build the leadership of Black, Latino, immigrant, working class, women and queer leaders I can be a thought partner for you or your team in approaching this work holistically.